Sound and Music Healing

Mary Elizabeth Micari is a certified Sound and Music Healer. She has studied with Nacho Arimany, John Beaulieu, Silvia Nackach, Alan Turry and many more at the NY Open Centers Sound and Music Institute.

What is Sound Healing?

Using vibrations produced by instruments (metal and crystal bowls, tuning forks, drums, flutes, the voice, chimes or any other instrument that exists) to place or surround the body with sound waves in order to release stored energy, anxiety, depression, emotion or fear. It balances mind/body/spirit and aids in treatments for many illness.  Music healing is the same but it uses more conventional songs, musical creations (think classical or new age) or even contemporary music to suit the need of the client.

Sessions can be in your home or in a private studio in NYC.

If you are interested in an appointment you may fill out the form below or write to us at or call 646-338-5472 sound

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