Herbalism Consultations and Care

Mary Ellizabeth Micari has studied herbalism for many yearsherbs with herbalists Susun Weed, Peeka Trenkle, Drew DiVittorio and David Winston to name a few.  She is well versed in both the magickal and medicinal uses of many common herbs.  She herself uses herbalism to treat her different ailments and those of her family.

For centuries humankind has been using herbs in the form of flowers, grasses and weeds to aid in healing the body, mind and spirit.

We offer a comprehensive herbal consultation and follow ups for all our clients.  We can aid you in finding the right herbs for your needs and help you use them in a correct and safe manner.

Please fill out the form below or write to us at mcenterbrooklyn@gmail.com or call 646-338-5472 for an appointment.

Herbalism is NOT a substitute for medical care.  Please consult your physician.


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