Mary Elizabeth Micari


 Mary Elizabeth Micari is a Shamanic Healer, Herbalist, Reiki Master, Tarot Expert, Sound and Music Healer and Astrologer.  She began studying and working as a healer at a young age, learning how to help people with herbs and readings from her Grandmother.  A natural empath and spiritually attuned person, Mary started to explore more as she grew up.  She began studying the works of Edgar Cayce, reincarnation and past life regression and then started to dive deeply into Astrology learning how to interpret charts as a healer primarily. Mary then worked to expand her knowledge of Tarot Reading by exploring Qabalah and Meditation. Mary then branched out into a deep study of Northern European Paganism and Shamanism.  She began working with clients using these techniques in the mid-1990s.  Mary created a women’s healing collective in 2001 where small groups of women met and explored the 13 phases of womanhood through art, music, chanting, movement and theatrical works.  This was called: GAIA and Mary also produced a print magazine that sold well in NYC bookstores full of the work that was created in these circles.

After many years of reading for others, making magic and working on energy center and bodywork, Mary gained an NYS Licence that allowed her to include massage of the head, neck, and shoulders using aromatherapy blends that Mary created for each client. From this, she created a company called the Magic Apothecary where she worked to make healing products and magical products to aid her clients and others.  She created soaps, lotions, incenses, bath salts, and even makeup and hair products. Mary then took what she had created and began to make perfumes and oil blends for both magic and healing. Her clients are loyal and still with her to this day.  Many will send friends and family for healing as well.

In 2010 Mary developed an autoimmune disease and then dove into gaining more education to help herself and then others in western medicinal herbalism with several very prominent herbal healers as well as an intense apprenticeship.  At the same time, she also began a study of Ayurveda and deepened her understanding of crystal work and aromatherapy.  She became a Reiki Master also at this time after an intense year-long study, gaining not only Reiki Masterhood but also an increasing understanding of disease on an esoteric and energetic level.  Combining all of the work she had already done Mary became a very powerful healer.  Branching out into animal Reiki with great success as well.  Mary has always been a singer and has always used her talents as a healer on or off stage. She is a teacher of vocal work as well in private sessions made specifically for her students using all of the above experience as well as her experience in music, which she has pursued from a very young age as well this method of teaching is called, THE PATH METHOD (performing arts training holistically). Mary most recently gained certification as a Sound and Music healer. This allows her to use these techniques in sessions for all healing modalities she uses for clients.  Mary specializes in techniques that help performers and artists open up to the inspiration that comes from the sacred as well as people from all walks of life from teachers to athletes to business people looking to be more connected to spirit and to heal the blockages, mental, physical or spiritual that cause disease.

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