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Healing Space

painting by Amanda Clark
Welcome to the M Center for healing

To get in touch for an appointment mcenterbrooklyn@gmail.com

Please click on any of the links in the menu to take you to more information about all the services I offer. I offer healing through Herbalism, both Western and Chinese, Acupressure (I am in the process of getting a Masters in Acupuncture and getting my license but can apply the knowledge I have to acupressure and massage), Massage (Tui Na and other types), Reiki (Certified Reiki Master), Sound and Music Healing (certified Sound and Music Healer), Medical Astrology and Medical Tarot Readings.



    On Patreon. For as little as a dollar a month you can help me create my art, music, shows healing work and witchcraft work (only good all the time). Help me realize my vision without having to get a day job which will take me away from my work. You will receive an interesting gift […]
  • Etsy listing available in my shop
    Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/648881224/full-set-of-all-7-chakra-oils-perfumes
  • Astrology Readings
    Each session centers around you and your questions regarding your life and experiences.  Your chart is drawn up and studied for a few days we  then the reading unfolds to show you where you were, are and where you might be.  Chart is explained to you in easy to understand language and advice is offered […]
  • REIKI Master Mary Elizabeth Micari The M Center Brooklyn
    I have spent 30 years working in the theater and film as an actor, singer and director. I have also done work as a make up artist, hair stylist and designer. I am a licensed NYC Cosmetologist I am also a teacher of voice and acting. I have also spent ten years working in Veterinary […]
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